Teaching your dogs some tricks could be very tiring and can make you feel very stressful. It is going to be fun sometimes and can be a good way to have a good time with them. You don’t need to hire a dog trainer just to educate your pets. You can do it by yourself and you can save money by doing this.

First is how are they going to reply to the sound of the clicker. This is the most basic thing that you should teach to your dog. Try to press the clicker and then make sure that the dog can hear you and it is beside to you. After clicking it give your pet a treat. You may do this for more than 40 times. In this way, your pup will be able to recognize it completely. Don’t click the clicker if you don’t have a treat to give and the same thing goes to don’t give a treat without using the clicker.

Second is calling to their names. Since, your pet knows the basic about the clicker. It is the time now to let them familiarize their names. If your pet is looking at you now, try to click and give him his treat and you have to do this like 3 to 5 times and then speak out his name while looking at you. Doing this routine for 8 to 10 times. Do this until becomes so familiar with his given name.

This is about teaching him how to respond to your command about sitting. Try to observe first until he himself sits down and then use the clicker and treat to get his attention. Continuously doing it and then speak SIT and then wait a moment to let him sit and click and give treat.

Fourth trick that you can teach to your pet is to come to you. Some dogs are afraid to go nearer to their owners. This time you won’t use any clickers to ask him to go to you. You may call him on his name or special phrase to catch his attention and then let him come to you. If he comes to you, then give him a piece of food that he likes. You need to practice these one more than 10 times in one day.

The fifth thing you can let him do is to take something. This will help to command the dog about the thing that you want him to get. You can start by getting his toy and put it on the floor. Give him a time to get it and then when he uses his mouth to pick that one up, do the click and treat.

Another trick that people wanted to have with their dogs is by shaking hands or shake their paws. Let your pet to sit just in front of you. Wait until he raises his paw and then the click and treat process again. Do it for many times.


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