Become the Master of your Own Health


The season of cheerful and jovially celebratory could leave you feeling full. As the calendar turn, it causes as to be a determined in focusing on your health and overall wellbeing. But it is not only the festive season that could impact on how we are feeling for today, your body is building up toxic all year round from the pollutions and even in chemicals you are using everyday like household cleaning chemicals, cosmetics and plastic. This is before you consider the substance that you ingest such as food, water and medication.

When your toxicity and stress, you will see that the natural balance of your body will be out of harmony and it will be disturbed and that the body will become more acidic causing your body to deteriorate unnoticed or might be you are just ignoring the feeling that your body is deteriorating.

This toxicity has a common signs and progress like experiencing a joint pain, lower energy and muscle stiffness and this could lead to a higher cholesterol level and high blood pressure and if this continuous, it might lead to cancer, diabetes or a heart disease.

You need to become your health’s own master. You need to have a pure pause in your life, doing an activity that detoxifies your body as well as your mind. Explore your heath and most of all your wellbeing and discover what optimum health is for you. Unwinding gently the stress in your physical body and releasing the accumulated waste and supporting the fluids in eliminating effectively and opening and stretching your connective tissue that surrounds the muscles. This will not only create a free moving body but it also alkalizes your internal system and allowing the chi to flow freely throughout your energy channels that will give you greater energy and also resourcefulness.

Rather than starving your body to cleanse, remember that your body is needing more extra energy to detox. Disconnect from the things that stresses you in everyday life because it is important that you rest while you are in the process of cleansing. Ensure then that you will only consume these three nutritious healthy meals a day and if you feel hungry, add fruit to fuel your body.

Here are the three principles you should consider:

Because if living in a stressful and a toxic environment, this becomes normal and your body tends to adjust to a different pace and your mind slows down. With this, you should begin the preparation of cleansing with a peaceful environment, nourishing food and detox digitally.

Use combination of meditation in calming your mind and doing the yin yoga in opening your energy channels and adding cleansing herbs and tonics that will detox your physical system gently.

life coaching and hands on healing and adding Qi Gong and some tonifying herbs are being used then in supporting both your physical body and your inner system as you are to return back in your everyday life after you have regained your strength. You are not only doing the detox but you are spiritual awakening.

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